I'm Gaëtan, the man behind "One of a Kind", a french wedding & family photographer, father of two lovely girl called Izia & Romane, I'm based in Nice, French Riviera. I love to travel and discover new places, new peoples ; I've been to Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, Bali, India, Vietnam, Canada, all around Europe and recently to NYC. I've lived 2 years in London and spend a few month in Scotland when I was student, so my english is not too bad. For my next trip I really like to go to Japan!
I love to ski, to have time with my friend and enjoy simple thing, have a walk, swimming, cooking... When I'm not shooting wedding I work in my studio on creative portrait and fine art photography ; www.gaegomi.com

My photography background and my inspiration are not just about wedding, but also about photojournalism, documentary, portrait, street photography, fashion too... I've a lot of influence!! I really try to do my work in a unique way without too many pose, too many group pictures, too many checklist, I really want to document your day or your photo-session as a unique event! I love raw emotion, spontaneity, candid moment, to bring a little bit of originality in my framing, my composition and of course I guess you have seen I'm a big fan of Black & White.

I mainly work in South-France between Monaco, Marseille and Avignon but I'm always happy and willing to move and meet you somewhere else. Last year I've been to Corsica, Paris, Ile de Ré, Charente-Maritime, Lot, London... So please feel free to contact me to exchange about your day!!

« The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words. »

Elliot Erwitt