I’m Gaëtan, the man behind « One of a Kind », a french wedding & family photographer based in Nice, French Riviera. Father of two lovely girl called Izia & Romane, I’m crazy in love with them and their Mam, actually the best thing that happens to me it’s to become a dad!! It’s just magic… and tiring too… I mean there are so lovely, so cute but they can’t stop, just full of energy, they can take all mine in only a few hours!! it’s crazy!! If you have kids you should know that!! Anyway I also love to travel and discover new places ; I’ve been to Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, Bali, India, Vietnam, Canada, all around Europe and recently to NYC. I’ve lived 2 years in London and a bit in Scotland, Edinburgh, that’s where I’ve learned franglish and get this pretty scottish accent! I also love to ski, to have time with my friend, just enjoy simple thing, fishing, have a walk, swimming… ah yes I have to tell you I’m also a kind of foodie too! I really enjoy a nice meal but one of my favorite hobby is to cook, really like to cook, pasta, meat, salad, thaï curry, asian food… I love it! but not for me, I like to cook for my friend, for my family, I like to welcome them at home, share a nice meal with them and please them with that!! I could say the way I cook it’s quiet similar with the way I do my work, I mean I’ll do my best to cook you a nice reportage, using my skill, my sensibility, my taste and taking care of yours, to please you, to make you happy and to make you remember how this day was good!

« The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words. »

Elliot Erwitt

Alternative, modern, natural, joyful, candid, non-traditional, creative… with love & happyness.